Akstone, one of the most prominent suppliers of the natural stone industry, now processes marble blocks and offers high value-added products in a 6.000 sq. m modern plant running as of the beginning of 2017 in Bucak Organized Industrial Zone as a second major step after its well-established sales area of 12.500 square meters in Antalya. Akstone has re-defined its role as a manufacturer in the natural stone industry.

Bucak plant with a production capacity reaching up to 15.000 square meters through double shift operates state-of-the-art machinery targeted at both internal market and export. The plant has made a good start with around 8.000 square meters of production per month with a 63-cm-wide production line.

Akstone Granite & Marble Warehouse
Bucak O.I.Z Çamlıca Avenue 1754 Street No:10 BUCAK / BURDUR      +90 248 317 11 99

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